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Why didn't the missionary want to pray for ice? She couldn't figure out how God would answer the prayer, and so the missionary decided not to even ask. Why did the native woman pray for ice? She remembered that God has the power to make ice appear anywhere He wants -- no matter how hot it is. Talk about power! But does this mean that prayer works like a magic wand Why not?

NOTE: See what your children will say! You can be totally honest with God; ask for anything and expect Him to do amazing things! But always remember that His will is perfect and so is He. He will never do anything if it is not the best for you. For instance, you may pray for a room full of candy, but I doubt He would think that would be best for you!! Do you think God would ever use His power to hurt you just for the fun of it? For instance: God loves us so much He will never use His power to hurt us unnecessarily. You can be sure that God will always answer your prayers with a yes, no, or wait in a way that is perfect and best.

I'm going to pray that prayer for you in a minute, but first, is there anything you would like to ask God to do?

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NOTE: Write down your students' prayer requests. Listen to this quote: "Since nothing is too hard for God, we do not have a need too great for Him to meet nor a problem too complicated for Him to conquer. We can never pray a prayer too difficult for Him to answer. There is nothing too hard for God. You can take every problem to Him and know that He has the power to help.

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Jesus is Lord and God Personal Blog. Pages Liked by This Page. Information about Page Insights Data. The Amazing Power of Prayer shared a fundraiser. We have some ministry needs for the prayer center. Here is the list of things we need.

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If you are not located in Michigan and would like to help our address is: Prayer Centers of America N. She has a passion for Jesus, networking and connecting people to the proper cause Suzanne makes her home in Spokane, Washington. In her previous careers, she has been a stay at home mom, and taught 7th grade English and high school French.

She has a passion for her friends and family, fun and life! She hopes to encourage other women in faith, prayer, and a love for God and his Word. Wendy makes her home in Visalia, California. How did you two get started on this journey of relationship fasting and prayer? What is your response to those who question what fasting can do for them?

Why is it important to include prayer with fasting?

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Did you have any concerns when you first started? Was it necessary to agree on the fasting method and length of prayer time? How does fasting help us identify sin and break bondage in our lives?

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  • How does it bring about confession of sin and restoration? What did you experience as a result of knowing that someone was praying for you and your family with the same passion and commitment as you?

    What were some of the answers to prayer that you received?