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Like one o one help my kid get at mathnasium. September 18, My granddaughter had 17 sessions at Mathnasium this summer, plus attended a year of Mathansium 2 years ago during her 5th grade year. She is in 7th grade and tells me she is the first one done with assignments and math is really easy.

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At the end of 6th grade her teacher told us she is a leader in class. Before she attended Mathnasium, she received a D in math in 4th grade and math assignments were so stressful for her it affected her other subjects. In 4th grade she brought math homework home every night since she could never get it done in class. I highly recommend Mathnasium for anyone who is struggling with math and also to prevent the summer slide. August 1, Diana Solis. My son absolutely loves Mathnasium, the instructor are well knowledgeable and they make it fun for him to learn Report a concern.

July 8, Wendy Rodriguez. Very professional staff. Well organized. Danette Rebal. June 19, Enjoys coming to sessions and the teachers are great! April 7, Leslie Dake. Hannah loves her instructors and the location is so convenient. April 3, It is an amazing program and very supportive staff. Helped our daughter over the years and assisted her in gaining confidence. March 29, To be perfectly honest our son will never be a math lover but even so, he has had a great experience here. Not only has his skill level grown tremendously but he has enjoyed his time spent with his instructors.

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They are a great group of people who have taken the time to get to know him, support him, and even share a laugh. That is a great environment to learn in. February 8, My one request would be that a bit more of the time is spent on homework review for Sam's current Algebra class. This would help confirm his learning and give him confidence in quizzes and test in school.

Response From Mathnasium of Cedar Rapids. February 2, The atmosphere is very inviting. My daughter is very shy around new people and she warmed up very quickly. I like the way they test first to see where my child was at and created a plan accordingly.

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They didn't just teach her what she should know in her grade but focused on what her weaknesses are to develop her. January 15, My son enjoys going there! The staff are great at explaining math to him. January 13, The staff is determined to understand the student and their needs and help them in a positive way.

Great communication with parents intermittently. Spiral method keeps interest of students. January 2, Mathnasium has been a great resources for my son. Over the years he has really grown into a more confident student because of the expert tutoring. November 28, Cannot say enough good things about Mathnasium. All of the teachers are knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and patient!

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She still remembers and uses the methods they taught her in 3rd grade with regards to fractions November 22, Went from dragging kids out of the van to them wanting to go. They are begining to like math now and have expanded their understanding of approaches. November 21, Incredibly grateful for all the help Mathnasium has given to Hunter! They did excellent job identifying his weaknesses and strengthening them. October 10, Effective one on one tutoring. Learning environment with fun elements for children. Brain boosters to refresh. Daily set goals to work towards. October 3, Math doesn't come naturally to my students.

So they like the extra practice. They also like to have an extra way of looking at things compared to the classroom teacher. August 27, After attending Mathnasium for 15 months, my granddaughter progressed 2 grade levels in math and is now on track for 6th grade. She always enjoyed going and their method of teaching was just what she needed. August 16, Great team and program! August 10, My daughter loves to go to mathnasium. She has improved her math skills tremendously over the summer. I am confident she will be better prepared to start school and be confident in math.

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July 27, My daughter thoroughly enjoys her time at Mathnasium. She is currently sharpening her skills and doing a lot of review. We are hoping this experience will give her an edge going into the school year. My only wish is that it wasn't so expensive. We currently plan to have our kids attend Mathnasium during the summer months.

I wish I could afford to send all my kids. Overall we are very pleased and thankful for Mathnasium! My daughter is very excited about math. The people working and running the facility are great with my kids and they make it fun and easy to learn. The incentive points are a great tool to use as well. The kids respond well to the rewards of their work. Thank you to all the staff at the Cedar Rapids Mathnasium! July 9, The girls really have moved the needle this summer and learned a ton of new strategies and have improved the math IQ.

Bob Mullin. Sophia really enjoys going to Mathnasium and says she is leaerning math without even realizing it. Also her test scores and confidence in Math have risen dramatically over the 3 months she has been going to Mathnasium. May 8, Karen Pisney. They went above and beyond to help my student learn higher level math concepts.

April 13, Our son has only been attending for less than a month as I write this. Before we signed up, I spoke with one of the assistant center directors and she thouroughly explained how the program works.

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Needles to say, I was very enthusiastic to start our son! It's too soon to see any results yet, but I hope to start seeing some changes trickle in. The staff at this location is very friendly and caring! March 13, Josie Ashmore. Kelly is very friendly, positive, and encouraging.

My son immediately felt comfortable with her and his grade improved and continues to improve. February 24, My child really enjoys the program and asks to go. She is making progress that we were unable to make with her on our own. Regina Graham. My son Ryan is always excited to go to Mathnasium. He told me he likes math and is getting easier for him.

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I am very happy for my son. He is having fun as he learn mathematics. Thank you all!!! Regina Graham Report a concern. January 29, January 11, My daughter greatly improved her math score on her recent ACT exam based on her program at Mathnasium. She liked going and felt the program helped her overall confidence and test taking ability.

September 6, The teachers and Dustin are great to work with. My daughter really enjoyed going and showed great improvement over the 8 weeks she was there. September 1, These can be sources of inspiration for young aviators. Inventors of early flying machines often were inspired by nature. Older children can also learn about plane movements like roll, yaw, and pitch. A few folds, a couple of adjustments, and you have a superb paper flyer.

Paper Airplanes Away!

The properties of paper give the airplane all the attributes it needs. Older children may enjoy making planes that the youngest children in the program can play with. Young preschoolers may need assistance folding their planes. Toddlers will enjoy chasing after planes thrown by older people and bringing them back for another flight. Allow children to decorate and personalize the paper prior to folding the design. More experienced children can tackle folding designs for specific flight outcomes.

Children will have more success if the paper airplane nose is heavier than the tail section. This is usually accomplished with some extra folds. If the nose drops and the plane dives into the ground, bend up the back of the wings. A little bend goes a long way. If the nose rises first and then drops, the plane is stalling. Bend down the back of the wing. Doherty n. They realize that no still object will start moving by itself. It needs a push—the harder the push, the farther or faster the flight.

A forward moving object will meet with a resisting force. To increase the amount of discovery and experimentation, provide several paper airplane design ideas and have children make a variety and compare flight results. Name or number the planes and keep a chart of the distances. Use a long tape measure or skein of yarn to measure distance of flights, and masking tape or craft sticks to mark the end spot of each flight.

Conduct several test flights with each plane and average the results. A wide open space like a gym or gross motor play area is a great place to test paper airplanes. Choose a day with no wind for the most satisfying outdoor testing. Public and school libraries often have books on paper airplane folding.

The following websites also provide many options for children to explore:. Bellis, Mary. Civil Air Patrol. Educators page.