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The Fascinating Journey of Discovering the Real You

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Add me to the daily newsletter. Create Account. Link Existing Cracked Account. You gain "aha" moments when the unconscious self reveals something to you that your conscious mind didn't realize.

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As we mature, the expansion of consciousness we begin to value is rooted in the unconscious. A mature person feels confident, self-reliant, and sure of what he or she knows. This isn't a matter of running down a mental list to count all the things you are good at.

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Instead, your unconscious self has given you the experience of fulfillment, which over time becomes a natural part of who you are. The second self we should explore is even more valuable—call it the true self. This is a level of awareness very close to our source in pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is silent and still. It has the potential for mental activity before any activity arises. It is the pure "I am" of existence. As the still silence of "I am" starts to vibrate into thoughts, images, feelings, and sensations, the first stirrings are very faint and subtle.

They are very fluid and malleable, which is why desires and intentions that come from our deepest source are not distorted by all the cruder demands of the ego, which is constantly seeking pleasure and sensory distractions. The true self is what we seek when we meditate, because only here is "I am" enough to bring total fulfillment. No external gratification compares with this. It seems strange on the face of it why the mind at its subtlest level should be more fulfilled than the mind at more superficial levels.

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The key is that pure consciousness contains infinite resources of creativity, bliss, intelligence, love, and awareness. By living close to the source, you have access to this infinite potential. You acquire the ability to be a genuine co-creator of reality. I've put these three selves—the ego-personality, the unconscious self, and the true self—into separate boxes only for the purpose of description. In daily life we call upon all three continuously. As awareness rises from its source, any impulse has an unconscious component and eventually an ego component.